80km / +3000m

The definition of an epic day on the bike. Starting at Brig CFF we take a gravel road deep into one of the most idyllic and remote valleys of the Upper Valais: Binntal. First on the menu is a magnificent gravel loop past the village of Binn, towards the foot of the Albrunpass, on smooth gravel tracks and idyllic grassy fields. Then back to Binn and time for the pièce de résistance: the ascent of the Saflischpass. We first start on a gravel road, posing no technical difficulty, other than its steepness, that brings us to Breithornpass offering amazing views over the Rhone valley. From here, for those looking for an extra challenge, a demanding single track loop can be taken to reach the top of Breithorn itself at 2599m. How many times can you say you reached the top of a mountain on a gravel bike? Retracing our steps a few serpentines down we reach the intersection with the single tracks that leads to Saflischpass. Depending on the level of fitness some pushing of the bike might be required, but the reward at the top is high: wide open meadows and a magnificent panorama of the Valais High Alps. The best part of the tour follows: a flowy single trail descent that has us grinning from ear to ear. Perfectly doable on a gravel bike, until the village of Rosswald where we take the road to descend back down to Brig. 


90km / +3000m

This route was originally given out for the 2020 Verbier Gravel Challenge, an event created to showcase the amazing gravel tracks of the Val de Bagnes region. Quiet forests tracks, balcony gravel roads and panoramic mountain views await you. 


90km / +2000m

This shorter ride will take you to a few highlights of the massif du Jura: le Chasseron, le Creux du Van, les Gorges de l'Areuse. A great mix of small rural roads, forest tracks and a little bit of single track. 


100km / +4200m

Sierre - Vercorin - Grimentz - Pas de Lona (2787m) - Barrage de Moiry - Zinal - Hotel Weisshorn (2337m) - Chandolin - Ilgraben - Sierre


170km / +6200m

The Tour des Combins is a challenging and stunning off-road alpine loop between Switzerland and Italy. Well trained legs may do it in one go, but that time we did it over two days with an overnight stop in a lovely locanda in Ollomont to stuff our faces with pasta. 


110km / +3200m

A fun gravel tour of the greatest hits of our home region. Starting just outside Lausanne we immediately start climbing the succession of the 3 local “bumps”: Tour de Gourze, Mont Pelerin, and Mont Vuarat, on a mix of road and gravel with a few spicy single tracks. We then head to Les Paccots to start some more serious climbing up to the ridge at the foot of Dent de Lys. From here we have a descent down to the village of Albeuve on the other side of the mountains, first with a single track and then gravel roads. Plenty of opportunities to refuel in the valley, and try some local specialties like “Macaroni de l'alpage” as we did. But be warned, the upcoming climb to Col de Jaman is not an easy one. Once back up, a magnificent panorama over the Riviera rewards our efforts. We take a balcony gravel road to connect to Col de Soladier and continue with a fun and exhilarating single track just below Le Folly. A grassy path takes us through some beautiful landscapes to Les Pléiades from where a gravel road descends back down to Blonay. We come back to Lausanne via some small paved roads in the Lavaux vineyards and finish with a dip in the lake at the beach in Lutry. 


100km / +2100m

The Lac de Joux ride is a fantastic ride through some familiar Jurassian terrain. It revisits some classics along the way adding a nice crispy touch on some climbs and descents, without being too difficult, most technical parts have chicken exits.


100km / +3500m

The Alpes Vaudoises ride is a loop that takes you through stunning landscapes, challenging climbs, and exciting gravel and single-track sections. Along the way, you'll have the opportunity to explore charming villages, ski slopes and lakes. 


75km / +1500m

The Balcon du Jura is a great gravel loop that can also be done early and late in the season as the maximum altitude is below 1200m. While not particularly long or challenging, this loop still packs a punch with plenty of technical single tracks and a fair amount of climbing. Starting from the train station in Chavornay, the route heads to Orbe where some fun singletracks take us along the Gorges de l’Orbe. The route then passes by the spectacular waterfalls “Saut du Day” before short steps of stairs with the bike on the back bring us to Le Day Viaduct, a classic pedestrian-only bridge. We then head to the Col de L’Aiguillon and take a gravel balcony road just below the rocky Auguilles de Baumles that brings us to the town of Sainte-Croix. From here a fun descent follows through the magical Gorges de Covatannaz, following the Arnon River as it winds its way past impressive cliffs and waterfalls. Some alternating gravel and secondary roads bring us back to Chavornay. 


90km / +1900m 

The Mt Tendre is an outstanding gravel playground. There is a lot of very easy double-tracks, though to get the highlights you must spice it up with some technical bits in climbs, dowhnhills, and flats.

The route starts in Bussigny to warm up the technical skills along an easy bit of single tracks along the Venoge (it'll get harder on the climb, so you can do this to check your skills).

The approach to the base of Châtel is on beautiful rolling gravel, mostly isolated from any traffic, a nice warm-up to the steep parts coming your way.

If the climb to Châtel shows too technical, you can surely avoid it on the road, and save the sweat for the flatter technical parts later on.

Keep your eyes on the horizon once you're about to get to the edge of the Mt Tendre, a few hundred meters before the Buvette, that's just magical.


100km / +3200m

The Tour de La Gruyere Gravel is a challenging day loop that displays the best of what the Gruyere region has to offer. Starting in the small village of Les Paccots (reachable via a short climb from the train station of Châtel-Saint-Denis) the route immediately heads into Alpine territory following a mix of small paved roads that turn into gravel and single tracks at the foot of the Moléson, a landmark of the region. The route then continues past Charmey before turning into the Gros Mont Valley, where a magnificent gravel road crosses the high plateau offering secluded views before connecting back down to Château-d’Oex. A perfect place for refueling before tackling the steep gravel climb to Col de Sonlomont that opens up onto Lac Hongrin. From there one last challenge of the day, the col de Jaman, not to be underestimated. At the top we are welcomed with the panoramic views of the Riviera and the balcony gravel road connecting to Col de Soladier, from where a short technical descent brings us back to Les Paccots. 


80km / +1500m

It all started with some gravel after work...