Over the mountains and around the lake

18-19 MAY 2024 – 360 km x 7,000m

The Léman Gravel Challenge is a self-supported fixed route event across the landscapes of Lac Léman. 

Starting and finishing in Lausanne, Switzerland the meticulously curated route is a celebration of our home region, showcasing the best highlights that it has to offer. 

From the rugged crests of the Jura mountains, to the unique Geoparc du Chablais over in France, the mighty passes of the Alps and a world class finish in the Lavaux Vineyards, this route promises to leave your legs tired but your souls fulfilled with adventure.

About Us

At Lausanne Gravel, we know a thing or two about adventure. Over the past years we have participated in note-worthy ultra-cycling races around the globe while also perfecting the concept of an epic weekend on the bike back home. 

We are now ready to invite you to our spectacular region and show you our definition of a weekend adventure. 

Event Details

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What's included?

We are grateful to have the support of Rochat Cycles as we embark on this adventure together.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When will the GPX (approximate route) be shared?

A: The GPX route will be shared a few weeks before the race. To get an idea of ​​the type of terrain, you can consult the track from the first edition. The part in Chablais will remain similar, but new segments will be added in the Jura and in the Vaudois Alps. Also note that the start and finish have been moved to Lausanne.

Q: Do participants typically sleep in hotels or is it more of a nap mode when necessary?

A: It depends on each participant. Some choose to not sleep, especially those who challenge the clock. The race time limit usually allows for a few hours of sleep over both nights. For those who prefer to sleep in a hotel, options are available, notably in the Vallée d'Abondance and near Morzine in France, as well as in the Rhône valley in Switzerland.

Q: What cassette size do you recommend?

A: The bigger, the better.

Q: What size tires do you recommend?

A: 42c-47c

Q: Approximately how many participants will there be?

A: Our limit is set at 200.

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