What is Lausanne Gravel?

Lausanne Gravel is an adventure cycling community that was born out of a passion for riding epic days in the mountains and wanting to share them with others. We are centered in Lausanne (Switzerland), although our members count many nationalities and live in different places.

Our rides are unapologetically long and well within the adventurous cycling territory. The Alps are our favorite playground. Often, from early morning all the way to sunset, we propose the type of rides that we ourselves love to ride. Routes that start only as a line on a map, and make us wonder whether they would be possible to complete. The point is not to plan difficult rides on purpose, but to create the type of experiences that keep us dreaming - that fill us with excitement to get out there and explore. The type of days that leave us with an unshakable buzz at the post-ride beers, knowing that we just lived an extraordinary adventure together. Of course, the beers usually go with multiple portions of tacos, rösti, pizza, or when extremely lucky, some home-made pasta and limoncello.

From small beginnings in 2021 where we simply advertise a meeting point and start time, the best surprise was to see how many of you have been willing to join us not only in sharing these amazing moments together but also inspiring us for even crazier endeavors. A small community was formed and it’s been growing steadily ever since. So have the types of activities in which we engage, from after-work spins to epic bike-packing trips and now even a full calendar of ultra cycling races. 

From the very beginning, the group has been open to everyone: no fancy memberships, no exclusive teams, no sponsors calling the shots. The premise remains the same: we are just a bunch of ambitious and enthusiastic cyclists, with big dreams and a ton of passion. People might call us crazy, but you know what? There is nothing better than being crazy together.